Is space the final frontier for the benefit of all mankind — or possibly the world’s new battleground?

Go West, young attorney.

For only the fourth time in the 38-year history of the Federalist Society National Student Symposium, it was held in the former territories and not the colonies.

Floods, fires, earthquakes and hurricanes.

Acclaimed litigator David Boies, who has argued some of the biggest and most impactful cases of the past quarter-century, addressed a monumental shift in the U.S.

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David Boies, one of the nation’s top litigators, is described by The New York Times as “the most prominent lawyer in America.” He is coming to Phoenix this week as part of the

The former South African president who ended apartheid said Saturday that statesmen have the power to change the world and positively alter the course of history, but a rule of law must be establis

Land conservation may seem like a simple enough formula: Set aside land, then protect it.

The fun kept rolling Saturday with the second of Arizona State University's Open Door events, where members of the community were invited to check out the exciting work being done by the scho