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Virtual Events with ASU Law

Watch recordings of live sessions about our centers and programs from February 2023. Hear from our center and program directors along with law faculty about how to get involved and personalize your JD experience.

Upcoming virtual event with ASU Law

Center for Public Health Law and Policy

Jennifer Piatt, Research Scholar

Passcode: $A6i5!28

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Washington, D.C. Programs

Andrea Cayley, Director
Erin Hreha, Program Coordinator

Passcode: +uj6.m0j

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International Rule of Law and Security Program

Andrea Cayley, Director
Erin Hreha, Program Coordinator

Password: h=kY8wP^

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Academy for Justice

Ashley Oddo, Director

Password: r@4jN*2%

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Clinical Programs

Jen Barnes, Associate Dean for Experiential Education
Faculty Director, The Clinical Program and Civil Litigation Clinic

Password: 9z=jl415

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Center for Constitutional Design

Stefanie Lindquist, Executive Director and Foundation Professor of Law and Political Science
Carol McNamara, Director

Password: A9%tMX.=

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Allan “Bud” Selig Sports Law and Business Program

Griffin Limongelli, Chief Graduate Assistant
Allison Boris, Marketing and Outreach Coordinator

Password: 6GLfb.nw

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Law and Sustainability Program

Troy Rule, Faculty Director and Professor of Law
Jay Jenkins, Director

Password: .zA%9s2D

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Legal Research and Writing

Mary Bowman, Clinical Professor of Law
Susan Chesler, Clinical Professor of Law

Password: Y7E&?muM

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