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PrefixCourse Name
LAW 515Contracts
LAW 516Criminal Law*
LAW 517Torts
LAW 518Civil Procedure
LAW 519Legal Method & Writing
LAW 522Constitutional Law I
LAW 523Property*
LAW 524Legal Advocacy
LAW 530Fundamentals of Contract Law (Master's Students Only)
LAW 581US Law and Legal Analysis (Master's Students Only)
LAW 582Patent Drafting (Master's Students Only)
LAW 585Comprehensive Patent Practice (Master's Students Only)
LAW 596Professional Legal Writing (Master's Students Only)
LAW 598Integrating Legal Principles & Business Practice (Master's Students Only)
LAW 598Tort Law (Master's Students Only)
LAW 598Strategic Fundraising (Master's Students Only)
LAW 598Human Resources Law (Master's Students Only)
LAW 598Legal Analysis
LAW 598Administrative Agencies & Regulation (Master's Students Only)
LAW 598Negotiating/Drafting Contracts in Sports Industry (Master's Students Only)
LAW 598Strategic Career Planning (Master's Students Only)
LAW 598Business Entity Taxation (Master's Students Only)
LAW 598US Constitutional Law (Masters Students Only)
LAW 600Administrative Law
LAW 601Antitrust
LAW 602Civil Procedure II
LAW 603Conflict of Laws
LAW 604Criminal Procedure*
LAW 605Evidence
LAW 606Federal Income Taxation
LAW 607Nanotechnology
LAW 610Advanced Criminal Procedure
LAW 611Estate and Gift Tax
LAW 612Family Law
LAW 613Federal Courts
LAW 614International Contracts
LAW 615Public Int'l Law
LAW 616Jurisprudence
LAW 617Genetics and the Law
LAW 618Decedent's Estates
LAW 620Civil Rights Legislation
LAW 621Sales & Leases of Goods
LAW 622Secured Transactions
LAW 624Community Property
LAW 625Constitutional Law II
LAW 626Writing for Law Practice
LAW 629Employment Law
LAW 629Employment Law (Master's Students Only)
LAW 630Special Topics in Employment Discrimination
LAW 630Employment Discrimination (Master's Students Only)
LAW 631Environmental Law
LAW 631Environmental Law (Master's Students Only)
LAW 632Federal Indian Law I
LAW 633Law, Litigation & Science
LAW 636Land Use Planning
LAW 638Professional Responsibility
LAW 639Natural Resources Law
LAW 640Securities Regulation
LAW 643Water Law
LAW 645Patent Law*
LAW 646Copyright Law
LAW 647Mass Tort Litigation
LAW 649Scientific Evidence
LAW 650Health Law and Policy
LAW 651Public Health Law and Ethics
LAW 652Bioethics & Law
LAW 652Intercultural Bioethics
LAW 653Debtor/Creditor & Bankruptcy Law
LAW 654Business Organizations*
LAW 655Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
LAW 656Real Estate & Business Valuation
LAW 657Private Property Rights
LAW 658Arizona Constitutional Law
LAW 660Advanced Estate Planning
LAW 661Constitutional Literacy
LAW 662ADR and Employment Law
LAW 664Intellectual Property*
LAW 667FDA Regulation
LAW 691Energy Law & Policy (Master's Students Only)
LAW 691Taxation of Business Entities
LAW 691Patent Litigation
LAW 691Civil Pretrial Practice
LAW 691National Security Law
LAW 691Appellate Advocacy
LAW 691Foundations of Canadian Law
LAW 691Canadian Constitutional Law
LAW 691Canadian Administrative Law
LAW 691Contemporary Issues in Tribal Economic Development
LAW 691Mergers & Acquisitions
LAW 691Research Methods in Int'l Law
LAW 691Indian Legal Research
LAW 691eDiscovery and Digital Evidence
LAW 691Judicial Remedies
LAW 691Entertainment Business Contracts
LAW 691Death Penalty
LAW 691Patent Preparation & Prosecution
LAW 691Int'l Institutions
LAW 691Canadian Criminal Law
LAW 691Professional Sports Law
LAW 691Transition to Law Practice
LAW 691State and Local Tax
LAW 691U.S. Asylum Law
LAW 691Trademark and Unfair Competition Law
LAW 691Biotechnology: Science, Law and Policy
LAW 691The Moral Leader
LAW 691Federal Criminal Practice & Procedure
LAW 691Introduction to English Legal History
LAW 691Int'l Institutions & 21st Century Global Challenges
LAW 691Advanced AZ Legal Research & Writing
LAW 691Comparative Torts
LAW 691Business Immigration
LAW 691Legislation
LAW 691Construction Law
LAW 691Election Law
LAW 691Effective Meeting Management
LAW 691Corporate Governance Law
LAW 691Indian Law & Taxation
LAW 691Prosecutorial Ethics & Decision Making
LAW 691Indian Energy
LAW 691Intro to Int'l Comparative Law
LAW 691Class Actions
LAW 691Cyberspace Law
LAW 691Domestic Violence & the Law
LAW 691Topics in Bankruptcy Law
LAW 691Separation of Powers
LAW 691Trade Secrets & Restrictive Covenants
LAW 691Law, Accounting, and Finance
LAW 691Contract Drafting & Negotiating
LAW 691Contract Drafting
LAW 691Advanced Legal Research & Writing
LAW 691Energy Law & Policy
LAW 691Cross-Border Investigations & Prosecutions
LAW 691Canadian Professional Responsibility
LAW 691Law and Sexuality
LAW 701Arbitration
LAW 702Alternative Dispute Resolution*
LAW 703Law, Science & Technology
LAW 704Federal Indian Law II
LAW 705Media Law
LAW 706Immigration Law
LAW 709Int'l Human Rights
LAW 713Tribal Law & Government
LAW 715Sports Law*
LAW 718Econ Dev in Indian Country
LAW 719International Indigenous Rights
LAW 720Indian Gaming Law
LAW 721Education & The Law
LAW 724Privacy
LAW 725Critical Race Theory
LAW 733Negotiation
LAW 734Products Liability
LAW 735Teaching Assistant
LAW 735Writing TA
LAW 736Advanced Legal Research
LAW 737Cults & Alt Religions
LAW 738Trial Advocacy
LAW 745Supreme Court
LAW 768International Business Transactions
LAW 770Law Journal
LAW 771Jurimetrics Journal
LAW 772Public Defender Clinic
LAW 773Civil Justice Clinic-Homeowner Advocacy
LAW 773Work-Life Law and Policy Clinic
LAW 774Criminal Practice Clinic
LAW 775Mediation Clinic
LAW 776Indian Legal Clinic
LAW 777Innovation Advanced Clinic
LAW 778Immigration Law & Policy Clinic
LAW 780The Litigation Experience
LAW 781Independent Study
LAW 785Externship
LAW 785Legislative Externship
LAW 785DC Externship
LAW 785Sports Law Externship
LAW 791Moot Court
LAW 791Truman Young Fellowship
LAW 791Gideon Fellowship
LAW 791Moot Court Teams
LAW 791Criminal Clinic
LAW 791Tax Policy
LAW 791Privacy, Gov't & Emerging Technologies
LAW 791Writing for Judicial Clerks
LAW 791Intensive Legal Research and Writing
LAW 791Insurance Bad Faith Litigation
LAW 791Int'l Human Rights in Practice
LAW 791Jury Selection
LAW 791Advanced Torts
LAW 791Neuroscience, Law & Ethics
LAW 791Comparative Dispute Resolution
LAW 791Mediation & Settlement Advocacy
LAW 791Federal Advocacy for the Tribal Client
LAW 791Litigation & Courtroom Technology
LAW 791Bar Prep
LAW 791Attorneys' Fees, Costs and Sanctions
LAW 791Mindfulness and the Law
LAW 791Arizona vs. Federal Rules of Evidence
LAW 791International Law of Armed Conflict
LAW 791Sustainability: Int'l Law and Governance
LAW 791Int'l Environmental Law
LAW 791Colloquium in Transnational Law
LAW 791High Technology Licensing
LAW 791Persuasive Speech
LAW 791Foreign Relations Law
LAW 791Law and Democracy
LAW 791Research Ethics and Law
LAW 791Creditor Remedies
LAW 791Professional Liability Litigation
LAW 791Immigration Law & Policy Clinic
LAW 791Legislation in Modern State
LAW 791Civil Rights Law and History
LAW 791Advanced Research: LSI - Emerging Tech
LAW 791Advanced Research: LSI - Personalized Medicine
LAW 791Advanced Environmental Law Topics
LAW 791Creative Writing for Lawyers
LAW 791Health Technologies, Innovation and the Law
LAW 791Government Relations
LAW 791Gender & Family Policy
LAW 791Juvenile Advocacy Clinic
LAW 791First Amendment
LAW 791Advanced Research: LSI - Public Health
LAW 791Public Defender Clinic
LAW 791Land Use Proceedings
LAW 791Law & Literature
LAW 791Special Topics in Jurisprudence
LAW 791Healthcare Entrepreneurship
LAW 791Insurance Bad Faith Litigation
LAW 791Advanced Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Practice
LAW 791Advanced Research: LSI - Info Com Tech
LAW 791Reproduction, Reproductive Technologies, and the Law
LAW 791Post-Conviction Clinic
LAW 791Real Estate Litigation
LAW 791Advanced Legal Writing: Litigation Practice
LAW 791Advanced Research: LSI - Sustainability
LAW 791Utilities, Sustainability and the Law
LAW 791Real Estate Foreclosure
LAW 791Law and Psychology
LAW 791Work-Life Law and Policy Clinic
LAW 791International Arbitration
LAW 791Claims Against Governmental Entities
LAW 791Watergate's Legal Legacy
LAW 791Medical Malpractice Seminar: Data, Policy and Law Reform
LAW 791Patent Licensing & Enforcement
LAW 791Lisa Foundation Patent Law Clinic
LAW 791Homer's Iliad: Self & Society
LAW 791Executive Branch Regulatory Policy
LAW 791Legislative Advocacy & The Law
LAW 791Health Care Fraud Investigations and Litigation
LAW 791Biotech Licensing & Litigation
LAW 791Innovation Advanced Clinic
LAW 791Amateur Sports Law
LAW 791Infractions/Compliance in Intercollegiate Athletics
LAW 791Advanced Research: LSI - Law & Neuroscience
LAW 791Human Trafficking Seminar
LAW 791Prosecuting Trademark Applications
LAW 791Victims in Criminal Procedure
LAW 791Risk Management in Venues
LAW 791Banking Law and Regulation
LAW 791Criminal Sentencing Seminar & Workshop

*"Master's Student Only" courses available