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Students who attend the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law enjoy a world-class education in a highly desirable location, unparalleled employment opportunities in Arizona and across the country, and a cost that is far below that of nearly every other top public law school. Our ability to keep costs low is due in large part to the incredible generosity of our donors. The combination of an active donor community, rich employment opportunities, and great value tuition allows us to attract students from all parts of the world. Students come from a wide variety of backgrounds, some who face social and economic challenges.

Investing in ASU Law means supporting student success and the ability to positively contribute to our community. Contributions provide funding for scholarships, programs, faculty research, and much more.

Thank you for supporting ASU Law.

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2018 Sun Devil Giving Day Scholars

Eric Cardenas

Eric Cardenas

"I initially decided to come to ASU Law because I envisioned myself going into a career in sports law. The law school's nationally renowned sports law program really caught my eye when applying to law schools and once I was invited to a special admissions presentation by Dean Sylvester in Tucson for University of Arizona students, I was hooked. Like many others who go into law school thinking they know what type of law they want to practice, this plan to pursue sports law quickly changed. I had always thought I would go into public interest and civil rights law after spending some time in the sports law field but I decided that I did not want to wait to pursue what I am passionate about. I am most interested in public interest law specifically dealing with imminent constitutional issues. While I'm not sure what my plans are after I graduate, I am glad that I'm pursuing this career path. Currently, I am an extern for the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona and this summer I will be at the Center for Popular Democracy in New York City working on a nationwide legal project that is trying to end the "School-To-Prison Pipeline" that affects so many disadvantaged youth in this country. This fall, I will be participating in ASU Law's DC Externship Program where I will be working full-time at the Advancement Project, a non-profit organization that focuses on racial justice issues.

A fun fact about me is that I have my scuba diving license and have swam with sharks on numerous occasions!"

Sarah Crawford

Sarah Crawford

Even before I considered law school, the reputation of ASU Law was well known. After obtaining my undergraduate degree, I interned and then worked in Washington, D.C. During this time, I developed friendships with many ASU Law alumni. These individuals provided me the best mentorship and I knew that they were truthful when they wanted me to apply to ASU Law.

ASU Law was my number one choice because it is one of the few law programs with a full American Indian Law certificate. The reason I wanted to go to law school was to help tribal communities, so this certificate was important to me. The Indian Legal Program professors are renowned and I knew I would be studying under brilliant, forward-thinking minds. After visiting the new school, I was impressed at the amount of support ASU Law gives to the Indian Legal Program. I also witnessed the support tribes had for ASU Law. It is not often that the biggest focal point of the school is named after a tribal nation – and that meant a lot to me. In addition, ASU Law provided me the opportunity to intern/extern with the area tribal governments. This hands-on experience with tribal communities is invaluable and other law schools could not offer this type of experience.

Throughout my life, I always desired a career where I could be a change agent—uncovering solutions and serving the underprivileged. I was taught the Dakota value of wholeness, ocowasin. This principle demonstrates that all living beings and the environment are interrelated. We simply do not live without impacting the individuals and environment surrounding us on some level. This is what motivates me to continue on this path of working for tribal communities across Indian Country. In the Dakota language, we also have a phrase Mitakuye Oyasin, meaning we are all related. Our sense of community is innate, and we understand our actions and each person’s journey affects the community as a whole. My desire to graduate from law school is more than my own personal ambition, but it is the aspirations of my oyate, my people. The laws and policies that govern us do not always sufficiently address our needs as tribal people. I will succeed at law school so that I will be able to propose policies that break down the barriers for college students, implement laws regarding water access issues on tribal lands, and improve our educational systems to support our Native youth. Whether that is in the private or public sector, I will ensure that I keep my Dakota values.

A fun fact about myself is that I am a solo paragliding pilot! During my first year of law school, I realized I needed an outlet on weekends. I tried skydiving and I was not interested in the aspect of falling quickly toward the ground. I did find that I loved having a parachute above me and having the time to gaze out across the land. I then discovered the extreme sport of paragliding. I am currently working through the levels of instruction. Nothing beats flying 6,000 feet above the ground, hearing nothing but the wind and being at eye level with the falcons.

Shane Parker

Shane Parker

"Choosing ASU Law was an easy decision after I had the opportunity to meet a number of faculty and staff. I was interested in pursuing a career in either Business Law or Sports and Entertainment Law, and ASU's faculty has impressive expertise in both areas from their own practices. I also loved the faculty's impressive experience outside of traditional legal practice, and I relished the opportunity to take a class taught by a CEO, former real estate broker, or sports agent. Unique teaching perspectives such as these were important to me in choosing a law school, and the perspectives found at ASU set it apart from other institutions.

In my time at ASU Law, I have learned that I have an interest in a wide range of transactional legal practices, including Real Estate and Tax Law. This upcoming summer I will be a summer associate for Ballard Spahr in their Salt Lake City office. The firm's renowned Real Estate, Business, and Finance Law practices make this position a perfect fit for me, as I aspire to work in these practice areas after graduation.

A fun fact about me is that I am a Spanish speaker, and I have recently had the opportunity to use my language learning experience to assist in crafting a curriculum for an English as a Second Language program in the West Valley!"

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, ASU Law is able to award more than 125 scholarships annually.

  • ABOTA Trial Advocacy Award
  • Adjunct Fellow
  • Alan Matheson Moot Court Counseling Competition Scholarship
  • Alan Matheson Service Award
  • American Law Institute - American Bar Association Award
  • Anthony Lucia Scholarship
  • Arizona Chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Scholarship
  • Arizona Women Lawyers Honoring Justice O'Connor Scholarship
  • ASU Alumni Association Outstanding Graduate Award
  • ASU Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law Alumni Association Scholarship
  • Augustine Jimenez Scholarship
  • AZ Law Alliance Scholarship
  • Ballard Spahr Diversity Scholarship
  • Barnett E. Marks Scholarship
  • Barrett Law Scholarship
  • Benjamin Herbert Scholarship
  • Birnbaum Family Fellowship
  • Blanche Farmer Strong Scholarship
  • Brett Aspey Memorial Scholarship
  • C. Randall Bain Scholarship
  • Carstens Family Fund Scholarship
  • Charles E. Jones Scholarship
  • Charles A. Pulaski Jr., Memorial Scholarship
  • Chester H. Smith Scholarship
  • Cohen Professionalism Scholars
  • Curtis A. Jennings Scholarship
  • Daniel Cracchiolo Scholarship
  • Daniel Strouse Prize
  • Daniel Strouse Scholars
  • Donald and Marie Isaacson Endowed Scholarship
  • Donald J. Winder Endowed Scholarship
  • Doug and Anna Sylvester Scholarship
  • Edward and Diane McDowell Scholarship
  • Emily Burns Scholarship
  • Fay T. Runyan Scholarship
  • Fennemore Craig/Cal Udall Scholarship
  • Frazier Ryan Goldberg Arnold Scholarship
  • Frederick C. Berry Scholarship
  • Gary L. Stuart Scholarship
  • Getsinger Family Scholarship
  • Gideon Fellowship
  • Gold n’ Gavel Scholar
  • Gordon Silver Scholarship
  • Gust Rosenfeld Scholarship
  • Harold and Lucille Dunn Memorial Law Scholarship
  • Harriett Freye Scholarship
  • Harris Powers & Cunningham Endowed Scholarship
  • Harry J. Cavanagh Scholarship
  • Hispanic Legacy Scholarship
  • Hon. William C. Canby Jr., Scholarship
  • Hon. John M. Gaylord Scholarship
  • Hugo Zettler Scholarship
  • Humberto Moreno Memorial Scholarship
  • Indian Legal Program Scholarship
  • International Academy of Trial Lawyers Award
  • J. Reuben Clark Law Society Scholarship
  • Jaburg/Wilk Scholarship
  • James and Barbara Hennessy Scholarship
  • James M. Koontz Memorial Scholarship
  • Janet S. Mueller Oral Advocacy Award
  • Jerry Hirsch Scholarship
  • Jeremy Govekar Scholarship
  • John A. Propstra Endowed Scholarship
  • John H. Dick Memorial Scholarship
  • John H. Killingsworth Scholarship
  • John J. Dawson Memorial Scholarship
  • John J. Ross Memorial Award
  • John P. Morris Memorial Scholarship
  • John R. Becker Scholarship
  • John S. Armstrong Award
  • Jonathan Rose Endowment
  • Jon and Janelle Kappes Scholarship
  • Joseph Feller Memorial Scholarship
  • Judge Mary Anne Richey Scholarship
  • Judge Roslyn Olson Silver Scholarship
  • Kevin Kane Memorial Book Scholarship
  • Leo & Annette Beus Top Scholars
  • Liberty Project
  • Los Abogados/Honorable Valdemar Cordova Endowed Scholarship for ASU
  • M. David Shapiro Memorial Book Scholarship
  • Marianne Alcorn Memorial Scholarship
  • Mark Wilmer Scholarship
  • Mary M. Schroeder Prize Endowment
  • Mary Schroeder Public Federal Practice Award
  • Michael Brophy Scholarship
  • Michael D. Ryan Scholarship
  • National Association of Women Lawyers Outstanding Graduate
  • Navajo Law Fellowship
  • Nussbaum Gillis & Dinner Scholarship
  • Order of the Barristers
  • Osborn Maledon Endowed Scholarship
  • Palumbo Wolfe Scholarship
  • Patricia D. White Scholarship
  • Paul & Flo Eckstein Scholarship
  • Paul Holloway Trial Advocacy Award
  • Peter Baird Writing Prize
  • Polk Aspiring Prosecutor Scholarship
  • Pro Bono Scholarship
  • Professor Rebecca Tsosie Spirit of Excellence Scholarship
  • R. Kelly Hocker (Employment and Labor Law) Scholarship
  • Richard Castillo Scholarship
  • Rebecca & Michael Berch Scholarship
  • Redfield and Susan Baum Scholarship
  • Renaud Cook Drury Mesaros Scholarship
  • Richard W. Effland Memorial Scholarship
  • Robert Bartels Scholarship
  • Ronald Jay Cohen Excellence in Advocacy Award
  • Rosette LLP Scholarship
  • S. Rex Lewis Scholarship
  • Sandra Day O'Connor Award
  • Simonson/Meyerson Family Scholarship
  • Snell & Wilmer Law Journal Awards
  • Snell & Wilmer Scholarship
  • Soroosh Davani Memorial Scholarship
  • State Bar Bankruptcy Section Scholarship
  • State Bar Criminal Justice Section Scholarship
  • State Bar Public Lawyers' Section Scholarship
  • State Bar Real Property Section Scholarship
  • Stevens Center Scholarship
  • Sun Angel Scholarship
  • Ted Karalis Scholarship
  • Theodore Julian Memorial Scholarship
  • Todd Nelson Scholarship
  • Truman R. Young Jr. Prosecuting Fellowship
  • Volunteer Lawyers Program Outstanding Volunteer Award
  • W. P. Carey/Armstrong Prize for Achievement in Public Interest
  • Walter E. Craig Scholarship
  • Ward Family Future Legal Innovator Endowed Scholarship
  • William H. Thomas Scholarship
  • Women Law Students' Association Outstanding Graduate Award