New ASU Law Faculty and Staff Hires

A full roster of hires by month can be found below:

September 2020

Jennifer Piatt

Research Scholar

August 2020

Samuel Turner

ASU Law Judicial Fellow

Laura Layton

Stanton First Amendment Fellow

July 2020

Julie Tenney

Interim Director of Communications

June 2020

Boyd Harrington

Videographer, Sr.

Walter Johnson

Project Coordinator, Research

May 2020

Christina Molidor

Executive Assistant to the Dean

March 2020

Maranda Aquirre

ASU Law School Fellow/Specialist

Honore Callingham

ASU Law School Fellow/Specialist

David Louis

ASU Law School Fellow/Specialist

Nicholas Radoff

ASU Law School Fellow/Specialist

Haily Tyler

Tech Support Analyst, IT

Ben Zinke

ASU Law School Fellow/Specialist

February 2020

Diana Burns

Asst. Director of Business Services

Jennifer Jost

Internal Transfer to Communications Manager, Academy for Justice

January 2020

Melinda Marino

Research Advancement Administrator, Sr.

Tyson Winarski

Director, Special Programs

Lynn French

Internal Transfer to Online Learning, Instructional Designer Associate

December 2019

Tim Downing

Program Coordinator Sr

Jessica Wani

Program Coordinator Researcher

Max Lobentovich

Program Coordinator, Admissions

November 2019

Aaron Hernandez

Director, Allan "Bud" Selig Sports Law and Business Program

Emily McLallen

HR Coordinator

Candice Boyd

Director, Student Advising

Theresa Beaulieu

Program Coordinator, Indian Legal Program

Phoebe Baker

Administrative Assistant

October 2019

Carlos Gutierrez

Specialist Sr

Kim Vanderham

Events Program Coordinator

Christopher Marohn

Director, Career Services

September 2019

Torey Dolan

Native Vote Law Fellow, Indian Legal Program

Annie Wan

Director, Graduate Programs Academic Services

Stephanie Gonzales

Director, Arizona Legal Center

August 2019

John Dowers

Internal Transfer to Instructional Designer Associate

Valena Beety

Professor of Law & Deputy Director of Academy for Justice

Ben McJunkin

Associate Professor of Law & Assistant Deputy of Academy for Justice

Michael Serota

Visiting Assistant Professor & Resident Fellow of Academy for Justice

Mary Bowman

Clinical Professor of Law

Ann Ching

Associate Clinical Professor of Law

Rachel Stabler

Associate Clinical Professor of Law

Michael Selmi

Professor of Law

Lawrence Roberts

Professor of Practice

Matt Spence

Professor of Practice

Timothy Myers

Lecturer, Civil Litigation Clinic

Ann Marie Bledsoe Downs

Director, College of Law, Indian Gaming and Self-Governance

Sandra Ortland Erickson

Internal Transfer, Lecturer

April Shaw

Research Scholar

July 2019

Andrea Gass

Director, Law Library

Kelli Rael

Associate Director of Development

June 2019

Sean Harrington

Director, College of Law, Electronic Resources Librarian

Sonia Lopez

Administrative Assistant, Career Services

Sara Perry

Program Coordinator, Sports Law & Business

Hallie Rexer

Senior Development Officer

April 2019

Caitlin Deegan

Assistant Director of Donor Relations

Jay Jenkins

Internal Transfer to Director, College of Law, Lodestar

March 2019

Nicole Almond Anderson

Director of Communications

John Cox

Web Content Editor

Maria Hunter

Internal Transfer to Office Supervisor, Development

February 2019

Chris Baier

Director, Special Projects

January 2019

Suzanne Stewart

Administrative Secretary, Academy for Justice

December 2018

Samantha Cayo

Collection Procurement Coordinator, Law Library

November 2018

Diana (Di) Bowman

Associate Dean & Professor of Law

October 2018

Debbie Patterson


Dawn Walton

Director, College of Law, Academy for Justice

September 2018

Bari Barnes

Program Coordinator, Indian Legal Program