Sun Devil Giving Scholars

Meet the students who were awarded the Sun Devil Giving Day scholarships due to the generous support from alumni and friends like yourself.

Amena Kheshtchin

Amena Kheshtchin (JD Candidate, 2018)

I feel very grateful and proud to be part of ASU Law. I grew up watching my mother constantly worry about her student loans, so I understand the gravity of receiving such a great scholarship. Academically, this scholarship encourages me to work even harder. I want to keep doing the best I can inside and outside the classroom.

Over the years I've been fortunate to participate in some great programs which all involved collaboration. For example, I created an independently-run podcast for radio that brings my fellow law students, from diverse backgrounds, together as a team to address every day political issues in an unbiased, informational manner. We organize interviews with experts to talk about various heated issues of the day. I'm also vice president of general affairs for the International Law Society. The organization arranges mixers for students, providing networking opportunities by connecting them with lawyers practicing international law.

I've worked closely with groups to form a program at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in Washington D.C. for my fellow law students who are interested in energy and environmental law. I was selected as an oral advocate for ASU Law's National Appellate Advocacy Competition team and will be competing in Washington, D.C. this month after months of preparation. I was chosen to work with a federal judge for a semester, which greatly improved my legal writing skills. And this semester I am an extern for the attorney general's office, Civil Rights Division.

ASU Law provides limitless opportunities for its students including co-authoring a law review with a highly acclaimed faculty member. I am an associate editor and write-on-chair for Sports Entertainment Law Journal, as well as on the Submissions Committee. As second-year students, we have the opportunity to write journal notes analyzing a topic of interest. I chose to write a thirty-six page note on music copyright in the digital age.

For every accomplishment listed above, there have been a fair share of obstacles too. But I have learned that with patience and hard work, any obstacle can become an achievement. One of the biggest obstacles I experienced was going through a cancer scare during my first year of law school, which thankfully has been resolved by surgery. From that experience I learned that I need to try my best to enjoy dealing with obstacles instead of stressing about them.

Cara Dames

Cara Dames (JD Candidate, 2018)

I am very humbled and grateful to be recognized with this award. Growing up on the island of Guam there were limited opportunities that were available to me. Being a first generation college student from a low-income background inhibited me even more so. Without receiving financial aid and scholarships, such as the Sun Devil Giving Day Scholar award, I don't believe I would have had the opportunity to receive a higher education despite my qualifications and past academic achievements.

Through hard work I've been afforded great opportunities, including receiving an offer for a fellowship at the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau for this upcoming summer. I will be representing indigent clients in the areas of family and housing law. It is a very prestigious opportunity that also gives me the opportunity to practice indigent defense, which I am very passionate about.

I chose ASU Law because it is the most reputable law school in the region. I was also impressed with the clinics and externships that are available to ASU Law students and the fact that Arizona law firms seek out ASU Law students for summer associate positions. As an Arizona resident, the resident tuition plus the scholarships I received allowed me to be able to afford higher education. With my degree my goal is to become a public defender or a best interest attorney. I plan on practicing in the public sector either in criminal or family law.

I believe the honor of being the recipient of a Sun Devil Giving Day Scholar award will have a positive impact on me professionally, especially in the job application process with ASU alumni who are familiar with the award.

Snehashish Sadhu

Snehashish Sadhu (JD Candidate, 2018)

It feels great to be recognized for all the hard work and I'm humbled and excited to be given this award. Symbolically, this scholarship is a representation for my continued best efforts.

One of the most memorable days in my life was when I received the acceptance letter from ASU Law. I could not wait to embark on my journey across the world. The school awarded me a scholarship which made it easier financially to make the move. Phoenix is the perfect city for me. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the country with abundant opportunities. Yet, it retains a cozy environment. Moreover, ASU Law is the premier institution which provides great access to the legal community. The Phoenix legal community feels like a big family. In the absence of my family in this country, I've come to appreciate this even more. I've been successful in establishing a professional network here, and am grateful for the meaningful relationships I've created.

My background is in investment and capital markets. The intricacies of business and finance law fascinate me. My previous experience in the sector allows me to immediately add to a firm's law practice. I am fortunate for the opportunity to work with DLA Piper, LLP as their summer associate. Not only does this opportunity provide world class legal training, it provides me the pleasure of working with stalwarts in the industry. I am hopeful that this summer associate opportunity will turn into a permanent position.

When I am not working, I like to tap into my creative side. One of my passions is nature photography as is evident from the sheer volume of photographs I upload on social media! My favorite pastime is finding the darkest locations with almost zero light pollution. Capturing a bright Milky Way is quite a reward. When indoors, I enjoy playing classical pieces on my guitar.