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Criminal Justice Articles

Each of these articles offers an intimate look into Arizona law, provides an overview of relevant academic research, and proposes concrete recommendations for reform. Together, these articles address a broad spectrum of topics across all major stages of the criminal process, with a particular eye toward the most pressing and salient issues of criminal justice reform in Arizona.

Improving Criminal Justice Decisions

Michael Serota
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Safety, Crisis, and Criminal Law

Jenny E. Carroll
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Vulnerable and Valued: Protecting Youth from the Perils of Custodial Interrogation

Kristin Henning
Rebba Omer
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The Incentives of Private Prisons

John F. Pfaff
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Forensic Evidence in Arizona: Reforms for Victims and Defendants

Valena E. Beety
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Raising Arizona’s Commitment to Health and Safety: The Need for Independent Oversight of Arizona’s Prison System

Michele Deitch
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Arizona’s Sex Offender Laws: Recommendations for Reform

Tamara Rice Lave
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Reforming Sentencing Policies and Practices in Arizona

Cassia Spohn
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Ensuring Marijuana Reform Is Effective Criminal Justice Reform

Douglas A. Berman
Alex Kreit
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Advancing Bail and Pretrial Justice Reform in Arizona

Henry F. Fradella
Christine S. Scott-Hayward
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Homelessness, Indignity, and the Promise of Mandatory Citations for Urban Camping

Ben A. McJunkin
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Expungement Reform in Arizona: The Empirical Case for a Clean Slate

Sonja B. Starr
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