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Civil Litigation Clinic

Need assistance with Civil Legal matters?

We do not charge our clients for our legal representation. Certified limited practice student attorneys will represent you in your civil matter. We are limited to the types of cases listed below. We are not able to assist with limited services such as answering basic legal questions or legal paperwork completion.

Submitting an application and materials for evaluation does not mean we represent you as a client and only that we are evaluating your matter for possible assistance.  We have limited space for new cases each semester and close applications when necessary but reopen when we have vacancy.

We are not able to assist Arizona State University or College of Law faculty, staff, or students or their families related to any legal issue in regard to ASU student housing/properties.

We only consider matters for the Phoenix metro/valley area.

Application for prospective clients


The Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law’s Civil Litigation Clinic may be able to assist you in the following types of civil matters:

Consumer cases

  • Contract disputes, misrepresentation, false promise, or fraud in connection with the sale or advertisement of any merchandise or services
  • Illegal debt collection practices

Tenant's rights

  • No evictions or ASU student housing/properties
  • Habitability: No hot water, bed bugs, air conditioning
  • Failure to timely return security deposit
  • Excessive or unfounded damage charges on move out
  • Housing discrimination


  • Discrimination based on race, religion, sex, or national origin
  • Wage disputes - non-payment of a full paycheck
  • An employer refuses reasonable accommodations due to a disability under Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

We cannot assist with any type of family law or criminal matters.

The Civil Litigation Clinic accepts limited inquiries for services for the Phoenix Metro area only. If you believe you have a valid civil legal claim you may submit the above application for consideration. For matters not within the areas we can assist with or are outside of the Phoenix Metro area please contact Community Legal Services at 602-258-3434 or for possible assistance.
We are not able to assist Arizona State University or College of Law faculty, staff, or students or their families or any issue in regard to ASU student housing.