Dusk view of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Prato, Italy


We will not be offering the program this academic year (summer 2021). Please visit us in the future for further information.


Students who enroll in the courses taught in Prato register for ASU law courses and pay ASU summer law tuition. Students are eligible to enroll in a maximum of 6 credits taught in Prato however previous students have suggested that enrollment in 3 credits in Prato is optimal. Note that to be eligible for summer financial aid students must enroll in a minimum of 5 credits. The 5 credits can be earned through Prato courses or a combination of a Prato course and other ASU College of Law summer credits (externship or other College of Law summer course). To have a financial aid budget adjusted for summer study in Prato students must meet with the Assistant Director of Financial Aid, Eric Border (BCLS, Rm 432).

Students should also note that per College of Law policy a maximum of 15 study abroad credits can used toward graduation.


The final grade for a course offered in Prato is determined as follows. Initially the assessment for the course will be on the Monash University grading scale (below) and will be reported to the ASU College of Law. The Monash grade, provided it is a HD, D, C, or P grade, is then converted to a Pass grade for your ASU transcript. A Monash grade below a P is converted to a Fail grade. So the final grade you will receive, on your ASU transcript, will be either a Pass (P)** or Fail (E) grade.






High Distinction

80 - 100




70 – 79




60 - 69




50 - 59



Near Pass





0 - 49



Withdrawn Fail


**Note - Pass credits earned in a Prato course will count as graded credits towards the number of graded credits required for graduation.

Cost Estimates

Students register for ASU summer LAW courses and pay ASU summer law school tuition. ASU summer law school tuition for 2020 is not yet available. The information below regarding law school summer tuition for 2019 is given so you can approximate the cost of tuition for 2020.

2019 ASU summer law school tuition *Resident: ~$831 per credit

Non-Resident: ~$1,295 per credit

*exact costs will depend on credit enrollment

Mandatory Fees

Prato fee – approximately $400 - The Prato fee covers administrative costs and is paid directly to Monash University.

ASU Study Abroad administrative fee – approximately $100 - The administrative fee provides that the Study Abroad office assess and communicate the risks associated with

Travel to Prato and provides 24/7 emergency response at 480-965-3456 for the dates of course enrollment.

Insurance fee – approximately $1.50 per day - The insurance is offered through the ASU Study Abroad office. Details of the coverage for summer 2020 are not yet available. However the coverage will only be valid for the time period of the enrolled course(s), plus a day or two before and after. Generally the insurance covers emergency medical expenses and emergency evacuation expenses but it is only a secondary policy. If students are traveling for a longer time than their course enrollment additional insurance should be considered. Students should also consider general travel insurance to cover personal possessions, loss of travel documents and the like.

Approximate additional expenses

Airfare - Phoenix/Rome roundtrip - $1300 - $2000

Round trip train Rome to Florence - $250

Housing in Prato/Florence – $1000 - $2500 Housing costs vary depending on location, size etc. One example, a 2 bedroom apt in Florence for 5 weeks – approximately $2500 per person.

Train Pass for a month - $45

Additional expenses (food, travel for a month) - $1500 - $2500

Timeline – approximate

March 1 – Deadline to submit course enrollment request (including a copy of passport or birth certificate) to Sean Aten (saten@asu.edu)

March 2 – Confirmation from Monash of student course enrollment and non-refundable Prato fee due (approximately $400)

April – Complete ASU registration process, pay study abroad fee, summer tuition/fees and insurance fee

Website for Prato course information - http://www.monash.edu/law/current-students/study-opportunities/overseas-study/prato

Website for Prato Centre information – www.ita.monash.edu