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Veterans Sports Law and Business

ASU Law’s Sports Law and Business program enlisted the support of Arizona State University’s Sun Devil Athletics to provide a distance learning graduate program for active duty and former military service members who aspire to be leaders in the sports industry. The Veterans Sports Law and Business distance-learning program, is a 30-credit, online Master of Legal Studies degree designed to leverage the person's military background and prepare them for careers in the sports industry. Potential job opportunities include business and facilities operations, event planning and security, logistics, data and analytics, ticketing and sales, and much more.

Curriculum will include classes on sports law as well as sports analytics, sports business strategies, sports big event security and logistics, sports career planning and transitioning to civilian life, and others.

An advisory council comprised of high-ranking military veterans, sports industry executives, members of military transition and veteran assistance programs, and existing law and business faculty, will help to guide the VSLB program.

Each student enrolled in the program will partner with mentors, advisors, and career coaches including industry professionals, faculty, and SLB Advisory Board members, creating a network of lifelong support as graduates. The VSLB program will include voluntary in-person residencies to provide students the opportunity to interact with mentors and other professionals through skills workshops, learning laboratories, professional development, and networking. The VSLB program will help to provide a clear path for transitioning from active duty to a successful civilian career in the sports industry, focusing on internship and job opportunities.

Natesh Rao
Commander Natesh Rao, USN (Retired): The opportunity to work in sports after a twenty-year career in the military is a dream come true. It is not easy for veterans to find positions in sports organizations that are commensurate with the level of experience they bring from the military. The chance to pursue a graduate degree that not only prepares veterans for careers in sports but also provides access to industry executives that can serve as mentors will be a game changer. This program will provide veterans with the foundation and credibility to be successful in any sports organization.

VSLB Program Quick Facts

Online Master of Legal Studies: Sports Law and Business

30 (Part- and Full-Time Options Available)

  • Guidance from VSLB Advisory Council and SLB Advisory Board
  • Clear path to success in sports, including transferable skills for any industry
  • Lifelong mentoring from veterans, sports industry executives, and faculty
  • Voluntary in-person skills workshops, training sessions, seminars, and more
  • Opportunity to mix and interact with other students in Sports Law and Business ground and online programs
  • Transition program, self-assessments, and career, professional, and leadership development

Veteran Support at ASU

The Pat Tillman Veterans Center was created with the mission of helping veterans and their dependents use their education benefits to their fullest extent and potential. The staff is comprised mostly of veterans who speak the language, understand the system, and can assist each member of the VSLB program transition from military to student life and beyond.

If you have questions about benefits, student services, events around campus, or anything else, the staff at the Pat Tillman Veterans Center is available to you as a student of Arizona State University! To contact the Pat Tillman Veterans Center directly, email

For more information about the VSLB program, contact Aaron Hernandez at

General BreedloveGeneral Philip M. Breedlove, USAF (Retired): For the past 40 years, I've interacted with American service members on a daily basis. The skills developed during their service - including unmatched work ethic, attention to detail, and maturity and focus under pressure - pair perfectly with the core competencies required for many positions in the sports industry. Many of our veterans and their valuable experiences go underserved and underutilized. The Veterans Sports Law and Business program is an important step in addressing this issue. By focusing specifically on transferring their existing skills and expertise into a post-military career field, ASU Law’s Sports Law and Business program will give some of our former military the educational foundation and networking opportunities to develop a new career as rewarding as their first. I have not yet seen a program as focused and with the vision of this program, and I look forward to advising this initiative as it seeks to assist our service members continue their remarkable contributions to American society.