Difficult Conversations: Discussing What Matters Most

Difficult conversations can arise around anything that someone does not want to talk about — asking for a raise, letting a longtime employee go, moving a family member to assisted living, settling an emotional lawsuit. People avoid difficult conversations out of fear of possible consequences. When these conversations do happen, people often think and feel more than they actually say. This leads to ineffective discussions and less-than-ideal outcomes. There is a better way.

This program will teach participants about what is really happening — interests, identity, emotions — leading up to and during a difficult conversation. Participants will gain the skills necessary to prepare for and successfully execute difficult conversations. Don't miss these strategies for handling the toughest conversations wherever they arise.

This program will be taught by Professor Kimberly Holst. Holst teaches legal method and writing as well as upper-level writing and skills courses. She has presented to various international audiences about techniques for more effective law school pedagogy. Additionally, she has written in the areas of intellectual property law and criminal procedure. Outside the classroom, Professor Holst has served as a mediator and an attorney for a Minnesota legal aid organization and practiced in a variety of areas as a private attorney prior to becoming a professor.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm
$25 and More
Downtown Phoenix campus
Beus Center for Law and Society, Room 550
ASU Law Lodestar Dispute Resolution Center
Jay Jenkins