Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is everywhere. The best leaders know how to manage and resolve conflicts before they become major distractions or create negative consequences. Having the right perspective, along with effective problem-solving skills, will make you an indispensable leader with your company and community.

The Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University's Master of Legal Studies with an emphasis in Conflict Resolution is designed to provide professionals the skills and knowledge to effectively navigate conflict in various circumstances and environments.

Taught by experienced faculty and professionals, this program will provide you with a background in legal principles and analysis to lay the foundation for practical problem-solving strategies and conflict resolution techniques.

Master of Legal Studies, MLS: The MLS in Conflict Resolution is offered in a hybrid format, with courses taught mainly online but with two “residency” periods in which students will attend classes at ASU's downtown Phoenix campus at the Beus Center for Law and Society, the new home of the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law. Each student will receive a scholarship to offset travel costs associated with the two residency periods.

If you are looking to enhance your career opportunities or improve your interpersonal and conflict resolution skills, this is the program for you.


Fall Courses

  • Conflict Theory * - 3 credits
  • Foundations of Conflict Resolution * (in person) - 1 credit
  • Negotiation * - 3 credits
  • Mediation * - 3 credits
  • Arbitration – 3 credits

Spring Courses

  • Conflict Resolution Skills Seminar* (in person) – 1 credit
  • Dispute Systems Design – 3 credits
  • Divorce and Family Mediation – 3 credits
  • Organizational and Workplace Dispute Resolution – 3 credits
  • Psychology of Conflict – 3 credits
  • Practicum * - variable

* denotes a required course for the conflict resolution emphasis area

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Lodestar Dispute Resolution

Legal education often centers on the trial and appellate process. However, only a small fraction of cases ever go to trial in the United States. For example, the Arizona Supreme Court reports that in 2017, of nearly 2 million civil and criminal cases filed in Arizona courts, 98.8 percent were resolved prior to trial. The Lodestar Center provides opportunities to develop expertise in the processes through which most legal matters are resolved: negotiation, mediation, and arbitration.

The Lodestar Dispute Resolution Center expands ASU Law’s efforts to understand the nature of conflict and its impact on the effectiveness of dispute resolution. Through research, teaching, and service, students, lawyers, and non-legal professionals learn the problem-solving methods and skills that lawyers and other conflict resolution professionals employ regularly to prevent and resolve disputes.

Lodestar Dispute Resolution Center

Conflict Resolution

Graduation Requirements

MLS graduation requirements (6 additional credits)

  • U.S. Law and Legal Analysis – 3 credits
  • Core MLS course – Torts, Contracts, Criminal Law, Administrative Law – 3 credits

Graduation Requirements – Conflict Resolution Emphasis Area – 18 credits

12 credit hours of conflict resolution study plus 6 credits required for the MLS degree


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