Student Life


Mission and Purpose

MAJORS|AZ is an acronym for Management, Advocacy, Jurisprudence, Opportunity, Relationships, and Systems of Arizona Law and Policy. MAJORS|AZ exists to educate on the role of the State under principles of federalism and to encourage professional and scholarly involvement at the state and local level, as well as to provide networking opportunities to professionals and students. At our events, MAJOR|AZ endeavors to showcase currently available jobs, to highlight panelists able to influence hiring decisions, and to provide contact information for available positions.


These events include guest speaker lunch meetings as well as the annual Arizona Law and Policy Externship Reception and the Arizona Law and Policy Symposium. The Arizona Law and Policy Symposium consists of panel discussions with professionals, educators, and students to discuss salient topics relevant in Arizona and often provides CLE credit. The Arizona Law and Policy Externship Reception showcases the externship opportunities available through ASU College of Law, bringing students and hirers together to discuss the positions available for application, the employers’ desired skill-set, and details about the specific positions.

Student Leaders

President: Rilee Robinson

Vice President of Outreach: Alex Hartman

Vice President of Communications: Caitlyn Haitaian

3L Representative: Vanessa Pomeroy

3L Representative: Sierra Brown

2L Representative: Sierra Belisle

Faculty Advisor: Jessica Berch

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Everyone entering the Beus Center for Law and Society Building is required to wear a face covering and all guests need to have an appointment.