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Public Interest and Pro Bono

The Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law takes very seriously our role in forging the values of our students and in developing their sense of responsibility for public service. It is our goal that throughout our students' professional careers they will recognize an ethical obligation to perform public interest work and we realize the importance of their law school experience in instilling that obligation.

We are the leading accredited law school in a metropolitan area of over three million people. There are an enormous number of public interest issues in a city of this size and we offer our students the opportunity to get involved in those issues. Our students embrace this opportunity and together we are constantly striving to expand the breadth and depth of our public interest and pro bono activities.

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The Pro Bono Program

In addition to experiencing the satisfaction of service, pro bono challenges students to come to terms with both the tremendous reach and the frustrating limits of the law. The practical enterprise provides students a more informed perspective when they are confronted with substantive legal issues in their coursework.

Many of our students come to the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law because they want to help people. Pro bono experiences help to reaffirm their motivation and to connect them with their idealism in a way that will have positive ramifications throughout both their professional careers and their personal lives.

We invite all of our students to get involved in our pro bono programs early in their law school careers and to maintain that level of commitment throughout their three years.


Please contact Frankie Shinn-Eckberg, Sr. Director of Student Services.