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Disability Accommodations

ASU Law will provide reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities after the student has met with the Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services staff and eligibility has been established. Accommodations that fundamentally alter the prescribed course of studies must be approved by the Academic Standards Administration Committee. Students with disabilities that require accommodation(s) and/or adjustments should contact the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs in order to make arrangements for reasonable accommodations.

Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services

The Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services (SAILS) is the central location for establishing eligibility and obtaining services and accommodations for qualified students with disabilities. SAILS serves as an information hub for ASU and the community. Students are encouraged to visit the SAILS website and make it an integral part of their educational pursuits.

The SAILS website contains targeted information, links to other valuable ASU programs and services, and critical support for a successful academic experience. The SAILS services team invites students to explore SAILS resources, ask questions, visit with SAILS staff and utilize the programs and services designed to support your academic, career, and life goals.


Please contact Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services for more information:

Matthews Center
Downtown Phoenix, Post Office Suite 201
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287
Phone: (480) 965-1234
TDD: (480) 965-9000
FAX: (480) 965-0441