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Student life in Washington, D.C.

IROLS Students at Capitol Hill Snowy Day

ASU’s presence in Washington provides opportunities and experiences that broaden students’ understanding of national and international issues. While spending a semester or full year in our nation’s capital, students have opportunities to extern and meet with government officials, lawyers specializing in government work, international development officials, and others who make and influence policy. In addition to the outstanding academic and professional experience students gain by participating in this program, students also get to live in and explore Washington as more than just tourists. For students contemplating a career in Washington or overseas, living, working, and studying in Washington is an essential complement to the experience they gain in Arizona.

Explore our nation's capital

Washington is home to an incredible number of art galleries, museums, historical sites, and national monuments and students are encouraged to take full advantage of their time in Washington by exploring as many of these as they can. In addition to monuments and museums, Washington is filled with a countless number of think tanks, research agencies, nonprofits and international organizations that host daily events, which will appeal to nearly any academic interest and provide unique networking opportunities.

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