Master of Human Resources and Employment Law

Master of Human Resources and Employment Law

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Human capital management is imperative to organizational success. Only trained professionals understand the complex legal and regulatory framework impacting recruitment, hiring, maintenance, promotion, and termination of employees and independent contractors. The Master of Human Resources and Employment Law degree allows professionals to identify and solve the critical employment-related problems facing organizations.


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The Master of Human Resources and Employment Law (MHREL) non-Juris Doctor graduate degree program specifically caters to both entry-level and established human resources, recruitment, and operations professionals. The online or in-person program aims to help non-lawyer professionals understand the legal and regulatory framework that governs recruiting, hiring, maintaining, promoting, and dismissal of employees and independent contractors in the public and private sectors. The MHREL program consists of 30 credit hours that can be completed either in-person or online in one to three years, on a full-time or part-time basis.

The MHREL degree develops graduates who identify and analyze legal issues in order to solve critical human resources problems facing organizations. Human resources and employment management has historically emerged from a business administration curriculum. However, a significant aspect of any human resources job involves employment law, and organizations have come to recognize the importance of legally trained professionals that can navigate the local, state, and federal laws that regulate labor markets. This degree focuses on the legal aspect of human resource management and employment. Students who graduate will demonstrate an understanding of U.S. law, legal structures, and legal reasoning when making informed decisions regarding complex human resource problems.

The Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), a premier professional organization with 300,000+ members nationally and globally, has recognized ASU Law as the first law school whose HR program(s) are fully aligned with SHRM curriculum guidelines.

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