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Entrepreneurship Law and Strategy

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Forming a company. Protecting ideas. Raising money. Hiring employees. Signing contracts. Mergers, acquisitions, and IPOs. From startup to exit, the law is ever-present in the daily life of an entrepreneur.

Having access to expertise in navigating the legal issues that early stage ventures face on a daily basis is a competitive advantage not enjoyed by many startups due to attorney costs, misunderstandings of the law, and a desire to move as quickly as possible.

You can be that competitive advantage, driving efficient execution of the business plan while also avoiding the legal pitfalls that impede early stage ventures far too often.

The entrepreneurship law and strategy emphasis is an innovative, multi-disciplinary degree program focused on training entrepreneurs, future entrepreneurs, and others in the entrepreneurial ecosystem on the legal and strategic influences on new venture creation and success.



Sample coursework

  • Business Organizations
  • Employment Law
  • Introduction to Intellectual Property
  • Funding of Early Stage Ventures
  • Regulation of Small Businesses
  • Business Relationships
  • Entrepreneurship Law and Strategy: Idea and Launch
  • Entrepreneurship Law & Strategy: Growth, Maturity, and Exit


The program will be co-taught by law school faculty, practicing attorneys, and experienced entrepreneurs, from many substantive areas. This multi-disciplinary approach will allow students to gain expertise regarding the laws and regulations impacting innovators while also acquiring knowledge from successful entrepreneurs on how to spot, deal with, and use legal mechanisms to their advantage.