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Los Angeles, California

Spend a semester with ASU Law in California at the historic Herald Examiner building in downtown L.A.

Students at ASU Law have a special opportunity for experiential learning for a semester in Los Angeles, California. The ASU Law L.A. program provides students with a unique opportunity to gain practical experience and network in the entertainment capital of the United States. The Los Angeles Externship Program assists students in developing expertise in important legal areas, obtaining real-world experience and developing invaluable relationships with new attorneys entering legal practice who want to practice in the L.A. area.

Students accepted into the program will pay all standard tuition and fees required by their enrollment at ASU Law and are eligible for financial aid through the law school. While in L.A., students have access to support and resources, including full-time staff and faculty, group study space, library resources, printing, and supplies.

Current students: click here to register to participate in ASU Law’s Semester in Los Angeles.

ASU Los Angeles Campus
ASU Los Angeles Campus Interior
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Frequently asked questions about the Los Angeles program with ASU Law

All on-ground, degree-seeking JD students at ASU Law may be eligible for the L.A. program after their 1L year is completed. JD students must register and submit a statement of interest prior to their semester, but there are no minimum criteria to participate; all interested JD students have the option to study in L.A. LLM and MLS students may also participate but must apply and receive approval before registering for the L.A. program. Students with a GPA under 2.5 are required to get permission before acceptance. Students are not permitted to participate in the Washington, D.C. program and the L.A. Externship program.

For full details on the program, eligibility and requirements, please read the JD Statement of Student Policies.

JD students may participate as early as their first summer (after 1L year) and throughout their 2L or 3L years. JD students may stay in L.A. for one semester for credit, beginning and ending with any semester, including their final semester. Students may not receive more than 16 credits in L.A.

Los Angeles, California, is home to many organizations offering a wide range of experiential learning opportunities, including for-profit, non-profit, judicial, legislative, and government externships and MLS internships. ASU Law students have worked in law firms, government agencies, and institutions such as:

  • Ogletree Deakins 
  • Granderson Des Rochers, LLP
  • Nehme Law Firm
  • Kazerouni Law Group APC
  • Insight Sports Advisors
  • Pfeiffer Law Corp
  • The Tenants Law Firm
  • Human Rights First
  • U.S. District Court - Central District of California
  • Israeli-American Coalition for Action
  • Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office
  • Orange County District Attorney's Office
  • Wasserman Media Group


While students are not required to complete an externship in L.A., we expect most students will take advantage of this unique career opportunity. The program is not yet designed to provide a full semester of in-person courses at this time. Students are responsible for finding and securing their own externships but have school resources available to help. Utilize the Career Services team and resources available on Atlas to get started. Students should expect to apply to more placements than when applying for positions in Phoenix.

All of the same tuition, fees, and scholarships apply. Furthermore, participants in the L.A. program are eligible for special funding through the Pay It Forward program. More information on this program can be found here.

ASU Programs exist to help subsidize some of the cost of living, including a subsidized housing program that can be billed to student accounts and a discounted Student LA Metro U-pass available at a discounted rate.

Students participating in the program will pay all standard tuition and fees required by their enrollment at ASU Law. The same tuition, fees, and scholarships apply to students participating in the L.A. program.

If you are petitioning for Arizona residency, please note that leaving Arizona for this program may negatively impact your petition for residency. Once you have obtained residency, participating in this program will not result in a review of your residency status.

Law Students in L.A. have access to the Herald Examiner Building, which was renovated and reopened in August 2021. The building is centrally located in downtown L.A. Students have access to study spaces, meeting and conference rooms, kitchens, printing options, and supplies. Remote library access includes live research assistance with the ability to send and scan resources. Career Services are available by virtual appointment, as well as through Atlas. Student Services and Financial Aid have the same policies and procedures in place for students participating in the L.A. program and are available remotely.

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