Frequently Asked Questions

Prestige matters. A law degree from a reputable school opens more doors and opportunities. We make it our mission, guided from the top to bottom, to help students pursue their dreams. Our personalized and comprehensive approach to legal education helps ensure this mission is realized. Further, we invest in students and their experiences by offering more than $9 million a year in scholarships and positioning them in a dynamic and supportive legal, political, and business community in thriving downtown Phoenix. We also help launch graduates into careers whether that is in Phoenix or anywhere around the country. Students are able to get great overall value from a tight-knit law school community that is part of a highly connected, resourced university.

ASU Law offers more than 250 unique courses and several popular “focused” programs so students can customize their law school experience to align with their passions. Dean Sylvester guarantees students that if there is a course we do not offer, we will offer it if at least ten students commit to taking the course. Further, we guarantee students externships in areas that match their interests. We have 300 placements in places like Washington, DC, and Los Angeles, CA.

We have a diverse set of students with a wide range of backgrounds and interests. Class of 2020 students hail from 96 undergraduate universities, 30 states, and 2 countries. Featuring more than 450 new students, the incoming JD class has an average LSAT score of 162, and a composite grade-point average of 3.75, the highest combined medians in the 50-year history of ASU Law. Students support each other and are highly collaborative. For instance, it’s typical for our students to share notes. We have 40 active student organizations of which 15 are pro bono led. More than 90 percent of our students participate in public service activities and donate over 100,000 hours each year. ASU Law is widely supported by the broader community. Professors with years of practical experience like Commissioner Emeritus of Major League Baseball, Bud Selig, and former US Ambassador on War Crimes, Clint Williamson, generously share their knowledge with students. Legal, political, and business leaders routinely come to the law school to teach and attend events – this is a great way for students to interact with future employers. Our donors have given more than $50 million in the past few years to invest in ASU Law students and programs.

ASU Law is No. 27 in the nation overall, ranked a top 10 public law schools, and No. 1 in Arizona on all levels including bar passage. ASU Law is the only school that has maintained its medians and 25th percentile GPA and LSAT scores when compared to 2010, a time when many law schools found themselves ill-prepared to handle the Great Recession and aftermath. Further, ASU Law is only one of 13 law schools in the nation to have five specialty programs ranked in the top 30. Strong rankings make it easier to open new doors for students and help them get their dream jobs. ASU Law is consistently top 20 in the nation for employing graduates in real lawyer jobs.

We have one of the highest job placements in the country; over 89 percent of our graduates get real lawyer jobs in law firms, businesses, government, public interest, and clerkships. Most of our graduates stay in Arizona because of its rich job market for lawyers. We are also No. 12 in the country for sending graduates to work in California. We have alumni in all 50 states and welcome a chance to connect prospective students with alumni to gain perspective on opportunities garnered with a degree from ASU Law.

Our career services department is ranked No. 10 in the country. The department includes a dedicated recruiter/headhunter whose job it is to help graduates land their dream jobs. Dean Sylvester is also very involved; he hand delivers resumes to prospective employers all around the country.

Yes and you will find this is unusual. We encourage you to ask other law schools the same question. We have standing externships or clinical opportunities with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and the Arizona State Supreme Court. Students each graduate with an average of 250 hours of practical skills training.

Law students are strongly encouraged to focus on laying the foundation for their legal education and refrain from working their first year. Full-time first year law students are not allowed to work their first semester unless they get a waiver, and are restricted to working a maximum of 15 hours per week during their second semester. Second and third year law students are restricted to a maximum of 20 hours of work per week each semester. Students may work as much as they would like during summers and breaks.

First year law students interested in paid summer positions at law firms and corporations can participate in ASU Law’s “On Campus Interview” program in the spring and refer to job postings throughout the year. Many students pursue paid opportunities in the form of formal clerkships at large firms or informal positions during their second summer.

ASU Law offers 300 externship opportunities during the summer between first and second year law school in which students can earn credit. There are unpaid externships with judges, government agencies, cities, non-profit organizations, and policy centers, as well as some limited paid externships with for-profits. Third year law students can also participate in a formal program which includes paid and practice area specific externships during the fall and spring semesters.

Additionally, students have opportunities to study abroad in Florence and participate in exchange programs in Buenos Aires, Milan, and British Columbia. Further, there are endless volunteer opportunities with organizations like the Arizona Legal Center which provides access to legal services to those in need.

More than 300 days of sunshine each year! The sun helps enhance moods, relieve stress, and improve sleep – all positive side effects when pursuing law school! Phoenix is a growing, affordable, metropolitan city that offers world-renowned restaurants, cultural events, and is home to all four major professional sports leagues. It also offers some of the best outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, kayaking, and the Grand Canyon – one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Further, it is only a few hours from California and Mexico’s beautiful beaches. Oh, and did we mention our amazing new law school building?

ASU Law is one of the most affordable among all ABA accredited law schools. We offer millions of dollars in scholarships each year thanks to our generous donors. We help students minimize debt so they are well-positioned to pursue their passions. Check out our thrifty budget estimates to help you plan to live conservatively while pursuing law school.

While we cannot predict the future, ASU Law tuition has remained steady with very minor increases for both in-state and out-of-state students. Our in-state tuition is $10,000 less and out-of-state $5,000 less per year than the average tuition of the top ten public law schools in the West. If the university decides to raise tuition in the future, we can confidently say it won’t be more than 3 percent. We award millions of dollars in student scholarships each year thanks to the generosity of our donors. And again, we encourage students to practice thrifty budgeting to further reduce financial burden.

All incoming first year law students are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships and there are additional scholarships students may apply to once they are enrolled. In order to maintain any scholarships awarded, students must be in good academic standing and enrolled full-time at ASU Law. In the past three years, no student has lost a recruiting scholarship in his or her second or third year of study as a result of academic probation.

We are incredibly proud of talented alumni who have made such incredible contributions to our community. Students have an opportunity to meet alumni like Congressman Ed Pastor, Congresswoman Krysten Sinema, The Honorable Rebecca White Berch, The Honorable Ruth McGregor, Justice Ann Timmer, and Arizona Supreme Court Justice John Lopez IV, to name a few. We have a host of alumni events throughout the year in which students are regularly involved. Events are social or educational in nature and foster ongoing networking. Alumni often participate in our Continuing Legal Education "Give What You Want" program where they pay what they want and all proceeds go to support student scholarships. Alumni also have lifetime access to professional career and employment support from our career services department. Additionally, alumni can pursue masters’ degrees at discounted rates.

The most important question is what each student really wants to do. As mentioned previously, we invested and hired when other law schools were not. We have attracted luminaries like Bud Selig and Ambassador Clint Williamson. We have created and enhanced several programs including international law, rule of law and governance, sports law and business, public health law and policy, intellectual property law, data and privacy law, sustainability law, and others. We have raised more than $52 million in the past few years, thanks to our generous donors.

Students love our impressive new building which has quickly become the hub of activity in downtown Phoenix. We have created exciting programs and attracted faculty to run them. We have secured partnerships and grants with the State Department, USAID, and others that give students even more opportunities to gain valuable, practical experience. We formed the first teaching law firm in the nation – the ASU Alumni Law Group. We work with the Arizona Legal Center which provides the community with access to legal services. We have developed pipeline programs to generate access and interest in the legal profession among underserved communities.