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Student Limited Practice Certification

Pursuant to Arizona Supreme Court Rule 39(c)(4) 

Eligible law students may be authorized to practice law as a Certified Limited Practice Student under the supervision of a practicing attorney pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 39(c)(4). The Supreme Court Rule states that the purpose is “to encourage law schools to provide clinical instruction of varying kinds and to facilitate volunteer opportunities for students in pro bono contexts.” Rule 39 certification may be obtained through the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law under the following circumstances:

Clinic Certification

Most of the clinics within the Clinical Program require Rule 39(c)(4) Certification. Students must be registered in a clinic to obtain Rule 39(c)(4) Certification through the Clinical Program. The program will provide instructions for Rule 39(c)(4) Certification once a student has been accepted and registered for a clinic.

For-credit and Externship Certification

Some externship placements require Rule 39(c)(4) Certification. After enrolling in the Externship Program, the program administrator will provide instructions for Rule 39(c)(4) Certification, if applicable. The For-credit and Externship Certification application is available here.

Non-Credit Limited Practice Student Certification Rule 39 (Pro Bono) / Certified Limited Practice Graduate

Students interested in Rule 39(c)(4) Non Credit Limited Practice Certification, must first secure a supervising attorney who is an active member of the State Bar of Arizona and has practiced law as a full-time occupation for at least two years. Certification application is available here, It is the responsibility of the student to be familiar with and abide by the requirements of Rule 39(c)(4).

Eligibility for Rule 39(c)(4) Certification

To be eligible to become a certified limited practice student, a law student applicant must:

  • have successfully completed legal studies amounting to at least two semesters;
  • neither ask for nor receive any compensation or remuneration of any kind for services rendered by the certified limited practice student from the person on whose behalf the services are rendered, but this shall not prevent a supervising lawyer, legal aid bureau, law school, public defender agency, or the state from paying compensation to the eligible law student, nor shall it prevent any such lawyer or agency from making such charges for its services as it may otherwise properly require;
  • certify in writing that the student has read and is familiar with the Arizona Rules of Professional Conduct and the rules of the Supreme Court of Arizona and statutes of the State of Arizona relating to the conduct of attorneys; and
  • be certified by the dean of the accredited law school where the student is enrolled (or was enrolled on graduation), or by the dean’s designee, as being in good academic standing, of good character, and as having either successfully completed or being currently enrolled in and attending, academic courses in civil procedure, criminal law, evidence, and professional responsibility.

Duration of Certification

Certification of a Certified Limited Practice Student shall commence on the date indicated on a notice of certification and shall remain in effect for the period specified on the notice of certification unless sooner terminated. Students must reapply each semester for certification.


Clinic Certification and Pro Bono (Non-Credit) Certification, please contact Teddy Gonzalez, Fellow/Specialist. 

For-Credit and Externship Certification, please contact Guadalupe Garcia, Externship Coordinator.