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Non Credit Certified Limited Practice Student Application

Pursuant to Arizona Supreme Court Rule 39(c)(4)

Eligible law students may be authorized to practice law as a non-credit and for-credit Certified Limited Practice Student under the supervision of a practicing attorney pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 39(c)(4). The Supreme Court Rule states that the purpose is “to encourage law schools to provide clinical instruction of varying kinds and to facilitate volunteer opportunities for students in pro bono contexts."


Non-credit Certification

For non-credit student and recent graduate certification only. Not for externship certification.  

Instruction for applying:

  1. Please complete the forms below for Certification of Law Student and Certification by Supervising Attorney including signatures.

    Application of Law Student and Certification Supervising Attorney - complete, sign and date forms and attach to the application in Item two for online submission. These are PDF fillable forms. Do not fill in Dean's Portion. You may list up to three supervisors on each student application form. You do not need a new one for each supervisor. Include a Certification of Supervising Attorney form for each supervisor along with your student application form. 

    Please type information on forms. No handwritten forms will be accepted. Handwritten (wet) or Adobe digital certificate based signatures accepted.
    1. Current students forms - Certification through date should be a maximum of the end of the current semester (May 31, August 31 or December 31).  You will need to resubmit your information each semester if you need an extension. 
    2. Recent graduate forms - If you are scheduled for the first available or have already sat for the bar exam you may be certified through the date when exam results are provided only. No extensions will be provided.
  2. Complete and submit the Application for Non Credit Limited Practice and attach the forms at the bottom of the application along with your current semester unofficial law transcripts showing you have taken or are currently enrolled in the required courses (Evidence, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law and Professional Responsibility) or for graduates show your conveyed JD. You must have successfully completed legal studies, amounting to at least two semesters, or the equivalent academic hour credits (30) at time of application which show on your transcript submission.

Once this application is submitted to the College, the forms will be reviewed, approved and submitted to the Arizona Supreme Court for processing. If there is any issue with approving your application you will be contacted. From time of submission to  processing by the Court usually takes 3-7 business days.

When the College is notified of the acceptance of your application for limited practice, an email will be sent to you and your supervising attorney along with the certification from the Court.

For questions related to non-credit and graduation certification, please contact Jennifer Barnes.