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Biotechnology and Genomics

LLM in Biotechnology and Genomics

Genetics is becoming an important part of many legal practice areas, including intellectual property, family, health, constitutional, employment, criminal, corporate and agricultural law. Advancements in technology, from stem cell research and genetically modified organisms to DNA forensic evidence and nanotechnology, are raising a multitude of legal questions about privacy, intellectual property, regulation and liability.

Today’s lawyers must be prepared to handle challenges like these that surround international trade, evidentiary standards, personalized medicine, licensing and business planning, to name a few. The LLM degree in biotechnology and genomics is housed in the Center for Law, Science and Innovation, the nation’s largest and oldest multidisciplinary research center focusing on the legal implications of new scientific discoveries and emerging technologies. The faculty has a long history of high-quality teaching, and a vast number hold post-graduate degrees in a wide array of sciences, and the coursework and research opportunities are diverse.

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Master of Laws, LLM

This unique degree program helps lawyers explore the policies that enable and constrain advancements in biotechnology and genomics to propel their careers in health care, research, government, and many other industries.

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Students do not need any science background to excel in this program.

The LLM can be completed as a one-year (two semesters) full-time program or spread over two years or more part-time.

The LLM also benefits non-U.S. lawyers because the legal, ethical, and policy aspects of genomics and biotechnology are globally significant. ASU Law will accept applications from persons holding law degrees granted by foreign law schools approved either by the governments or relevant accrediting authorities of the entities where the schools are located.



  • Bioethics
  • Biomedical Research Ethics and Law
  • Biotechnology: Law, Science and Policy
  • Biotechnology Licensing and Litigation
  • FDA Regulation
  • Genetics and the Law
  • Health Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Nanotechnology Law and Policy
  • Neuroscience and the Law
  • Patent Law and Patent Litigation
  • Privacy
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