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Health Law

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In an era of substantial national and regional reforms in health care and public health, students and practitioners must be able to recognize, assess, and solve issues of law, ethics, and policy at the intersection of health care delivery and the protection of community health. The nationally-ranked health law programs, projects, and initiatives at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University encompass an array of unique and emerging areas, including public health law and policy, personalized medicine, and neuroscience.

Students may select from a diverse range of health law-related courses and opportunities tailored to their specific interests and led by acclaimed faculty, adjuncts, and partners. Students’ experiences are accentuated through related concentrations, certifications, and joint degrees offered by centers at ASU Law, Mayo Medicine School, and other institutions. Knowledge and application of principles of law, ethics, and policy offer graduates career opportunities in high-demand legal and policy fields focused on health care, public health, and technology.

The Center for Public Health Law and Policy

The Center for Public Health Law and Policy explores fascinating and emerging global and domestic issues in public health law, policy, and ethics. Varied topical interest areas include emergency legal preparedness, vaccinations, health care reform, injury prevention, and constitutional rights and protections. The center brings students together with leading scholars, practitioners, and policymakers to address critical challenges at the intersection of law, ethics, policy, and the public’s health. Click below to visit the Center for Public Health Law and Policy.

Center for Public Health Law and Policy