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Innovation Advancement Program

The Innovation Advancement Program (IAP) is an innovative program that pairs inventors, technology entrepreneurs, tech transfer professionals, and emerging technology companies with some of ASU’s brightest law students.

What students do:

Teams of 2-3 law students undertake a wide array of legal services that help early stage ventures solidify their legal foundations, avoiding many of the mistakes and pitfalls often made when moving technology into the marketplace. Teams are guided throughout the semester by Director, Raees Mohamed, an attorney with Kelly Warner Law.

Additional supervision and guidance is provided by the program's In-Residence professionals, especially Jon Coury, from the Hool Law Group of Phoenix.

Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University

Course information

The Innovation Advancement Program Clinic is a one semester course.

  • Credits: six credits (two graded and four pass/fail)
  • Pre- or Co-Requisite(s): Evidence, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law & Professional Responsibility

Time commitment

Students are expected to spend a minimum of 270 hours in the Clinic during the one semester.

  • Fall or Spring Semester – 20 hours per week
    • 10-15 hours per week on IAP Projects
    • 4 hours per week office hours in Clinic
    • 2 hours per week seminar

Student Applications Dates for Clinic:

Spring 2020: 
Applications: September 28th - October 28th, 2019
Offers extended to students: November 6, 2019
Student acceptances due: November 8, 2019

Fall 2020: 
Applications: January TBA - March TBA
Offers extended to students: March TBA
Student acceptances due: March TBA

**IMPORTANT!* - Pursuant to the Statement of Student Policies, Clinics – Students who have applied for a clinic and have been accepted may decline upon offer without consequence. However, once a student has accepted a clinic offered, any student who drops the clinic without prior approval by the dean’s designee will be subject to the 12-month ban.

Students may apply via Atlas during the application period listed above.

Other questions and/or feedback

Karen Furgeson or 480-965-6523

Our People

Raees Mohamed

Raees Mohamed
Director, Innovation Advancement Clinic
Faculty Associate