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Immigration Clinic

The Immigration Clinic collaborates with local nonprofits, governmental agencies, and community advocates to identify foster children in need of immigration services. The clinic also provides legal advice and referral at events organized by community agencies, non-profits and elected officials.

These services include:

  1. Immigration Petitions for Special Juvenile Status (SIJ)
  2. Naturalization through adoption by a US Citizen or for children who previously obtained lawful permanent status through SIJ
  3. Retrieval of immigration documents or records to establish immigration status
  4. General information sessions on immigration

The foster children are represented by certified limited practice students, who are mentored by Professor Evelyn H. Cruz, the clinic’s faculty director.

Students who participate in the clinic are able to:

  • Represent abused, neglected, abandoned children in immigration proceedings and state dependency
  • Draft motions, briefs, legal correspondence, closing statements, and direct examination questions
  • Provide brief consultations at legal fairs to individuals with immigration law questions
  • Research law and country conditions, interview and prepare experts/witnesses, investigate and document case facts
Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University

Usual Applications dates

Spring 2019:
Priority application period: September 26th - November 7th
Offers extended to students: November 16
Student acceptances due: November 19

Summer/Fall 2019:
Priority application period: January 21st - March 4th
Offers extended to students: March 8
Student acceptances due: March 11

Our People

Evelyn Cruz

Evelyn Cruz
Clinical Professor of Law