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New to ASU Law? What you need to know

Your one-stop shop for getting to know ASU Law as a new faculty or staff member.

Getting started:


Internal Connect

Internal Connect (footer of website) is your all-access pass to what’s going on at ASU Law. Familiarize yourself with this portal. 

  • Internal announcements
  • Business, HR resources, and Grants
  • Administration resources
  • Event portal and guidelines
  • Marketing and Communications portal
  • Accessibility guidelines

Want to update your ASU profile and photo but don't know how: Instructions for updating ASU profile


Events portal

Events portal (footer of website) provides ASU Law staff, faculty and students the tools and resources commonly used to host an event at the law school.

  • All events should be submitted to the portal.
  • You can submit to the ASU Law Calendar (internal) and ASU Events (external)
  • Resources, templates, FAQs, and meet the Events team
  • Centers and Program events: After submitting your event to the portal, the events team will work with MarComm to fit your events needs. Please provide as many details, including speakers photos, as possible.


Marketing and Communication portal

The MarComm portal (footer of website) provides ASU Law staff and faculty with the tools and resources commonly used to promote the law school and its activities. 

  • If you have a project requiring additional MarComm team assistance, you can submit requests through the portal. MarComm will reach out following the request. 
  • Submit a photo request to take a new ASU profile photo. 
  • Resources, templates, FAQs
  • Meet the MarComm team
  • Centers and Programs: If you request is event related, please work with the events team to ensure they have submitted the event request to MarComm. This will avoid duplicate requests. 
  • Need a QR Code? Check our QR code folder or submit a MarComm web request to have one created for your site. 

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Staff and Faculty Directory


College Calendar

  • College Calendar and announcements are designated for ASU Law students, faculty and staff.
  • Submit your event through the event portal. 


EMS room booking system


IT Help Desk


ASU Brand Guide

The ASU brand guide is frequently revised and expanded upon to reflect changing industry best practices and ASU policies and to meet the needs of the ASU community. Please always reference this guide as your source of truth for the most current information about standards, tools and resources.


ASU Law Newsroom and ASU News

  • ASU Law Newsroom (run by the MarComm team - submit your student, alumni, and faculty stories on the MarComm portal)
  • ASU News is run by ASU. MarComm submits stories to ASU News for feature.