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Homeless Legal Assistance Project (HLAP)


In 1989, students and attorneys who were concerned about the lack of legal services accessible to the homeless established the Arizona State University College of Law Homeless Legal Assistance Project. The project started with one homeless facility in the community, and it gradually expanded to meet the Valley's growing needs. Today, our volunteers visit five facilities in the Phoenix area: CASS, UMOM, La Mesita, Victory Place, and EVMC.

The Homeless Legal Assistance Project is a student-run organization. Law students and attorneys come together to help homeless individuals throughout the valley, access the legal assistance that they need. Students receive pro bono hours for their participation and gain unique experience by interacting with clients on a one-on-one basis, applying their academic knowledge to real-life situations, and learning first-hand about the local homelessness crisis. Attorney volunteers come from all sectors of the profession and bring with them a broad range of experience.

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Student Leader(s)

Program Director: Ashley Gomez

CASS Shelter Director: Charles Klass

La Mesita Shelter Director: Caroline Witz

EVMC Shelter Director: Andi Lefor

UMOM Shelter Director: Molly Podlesny

Grand Veterans Village Shelter Director: Kendall Pearce

Faculty Advisor: Loni Burnette