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Intellectual Property Law

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Intellectual Property - Electrical Schematics
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Intellectual Property Law

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Intellectual Property Law: MLS online

Innovation and creativity are the foundation of a knowledge economy. Protecting advancements in these areas to create competitive advantages and foster innovation involves a complex web of protective measures. The emphasis in intellectual property will arm students with knowledge of intellectual property protection options, the ability to spot situations where creative advancements are vulnerable to loss, and an understanding of how to create competitive advantages through brand building, barriers to entry and navigating difficult problems.

Intellectual Property Law Program

Students who receive an MLS with an emphasis in Intellectual Property Law may pursue careers in:

  • Branding professional
  • Licensing professional
  • Entertainment industry professional
  • Talent agent
  • Advocate for the arts
  • Patent agent
  • R&D manager
  • Movie law professional
  • Software law professional
  • Many more!

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