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Sports Law and Business

Sports Law and Business

Sports Law and Business: MLS

The sport industry is a multi-billion dollar enterprise in the United States and may soon exceed a trillion dollars globally. There will be new opportunities for graduates to tackle the industry’s growing legal, ethical, and business issues. The Sports Law and Business program blends top faculty with unmatched curriculum that only a top-ranked university in law, business, and athletics can offer.

For active duty or former military service members who aspire to be a leader in the sports industry, ASU Law also offers the Veterans Sports Law and Business emphasis to leverage the service member’s military background to prepare and successfully transition into a career in the sports industry.

  • Athletic director
  • Sports front office
  • General manager
  • Development director
  • Sports marketing
  • NCAA compliance director
  • College athletics professional
  • Sports agent
  • Associate athletic director
  • Assistant athletic director
  • General managers within the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL
  • Many more!

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