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Civil Litigation Clinic

Student attorneys in the Civil Litigation Clinic are certified by the Arizona Supreme Court to represent people who do not have adequate resources to hire an attorney in cases such as consumer fraud, employment discrimination, unemployment insurance benefits, wage claims, and tenant's rights.

Student attorneys are involved in all aspects of civil and administrative practice including interviewing and counseling clients, fact investigation, drafting pleadings, motions, and appellate briefs, conducting discovery such as taking depositions and propounding interrogatories and representing clients in trials, arbitrations, and mediation. Student attorneys may also present oral argument in appellate courts.

Our mission

The mission of the Civil Litigation Clinic is to train law students to become effective, compassionate practitioners through:

  1. direct representation of clients under close faculty supervision,
  2. classroom instruction, and,
  3. individual mentoring.

In fulfilling its mission, the clinic strives to promote access to justice by offering free legal services to people who do not have adequate resources to hire a private attorney.

Course information

The Civil Litigation Clinic is a one-semester course.

  • Credits: six graded credits
  • Grading Criteria: grading rubrics assessing diligence, thoroughness, representation, and classroom participation are provided at the beginning of the semester.
  • Pre- or Co-Requisite(s): Evidence, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law & Professional Responsibility
  • Must be Rule 39 certified after acceptance to clinic.

Time commitment

Students are expected to spend a minimum of 270 hours in the Clinic during the one semester.

  • Fall or Spring Semester – 20 hours per week. No externships during the semester and outside work only with prior approval from the director of CL Clinic.
  • Fall and Spring - Must be free on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons after class and all day on Fridays.
  • Summer Semester – 27 hours per week. No other classes, externships or outside work during the semester.

Included in those hours is a mandatory seminar class of a minimum of five hours per week.

Student Applications Dates for Clinic:

Virtual Open House for Civil Litigation Clinic will be on Wednesday, September 30th from 12:15 until 12:45.
Zoom Meeting ID#

Spring 2021:
Applications: September 23rd through October 23rd, 2020
Offers extended to students: October 30, 2020
Student acceptances due: November 2nd, 2020 by 5 pm

Summer/Fall 2021:
Application period: January TBA - February TBA, 2021
Offers extended to students: February TBA, 2021
Student acceptances due: February TBA, 2021

**IMPORTANT!* - Pursuant to the Statement of Student Policies, Clinics – Students who have applied for a clinic and have been accepted may decline upon offer without consequence. However, once a student has accepted a clinic offered, any student who drops the clinic without prior approval by the dean’s designee will be subject to the 12-month ban.

Students may apply via Atlas during the application period listed above.

For late applications, please contact the Civil Litigation Clinic for space availability or call (602) 496-1717.

The Civil Litigation Clinic accepts limited inquiries for services from the public. If you believe you have a valid civil legal claim you may submit the above application for consideration by visiting

Our people

Jennifer Barnes
Jennifer Barnes

Associate Clinical Professor of Law
Director, Civil Litigation Clinic
Faculty Director, Clinical Programs

Bob Dauber
Bob Dauber

Clinical Professor of Law

Tim Myers

Fellow, Civil Litigation Clinic