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Lodestar Mediation Clinic

The Lodestar Mediation Clinic, an integral component of the nationally recognized Lodestar Dispute Resolution Center, provides students the opportunity to learn about alternatives to litigation while gaining practical experience about the mediation process. Student attorneys experience an intensive training program focusing on the theory, strategy, and skills involved in the mediation of legal disputes, then act as mediators in civil (non-family) cases.

What students do:

  • Act as neutral third parties who help Justice Court litigants attempt to resolve their lawsuits before trial.
  • Shadow and co-mediate with professional mediators from the EEOC and private practice.
  • Shadow judges in judicial settlement conferences.

Course information

The Mediation Clinic is a one-semester course.

  • Credits: four graded credits
  • Enrollment is limited to six students.
  • Students will undergo and must be able to pass a background check per Maricopa County Court regulations.
  • No course pre or co requisites.
  • Students will have the option of completing their graduation writing requirement through the Mediation Clinic by enrolling in a one-credit, pass/fail independent study with a 25 page paper completion requirement. Registration instructions will be provided to those interested during the first week of classes.

Time commitment

  • Students are expected to spend a minimum of 180 hours of clinical work during the one semester.
  • Students must attend a three-day pre-semester training program the week prior to the start of classes. (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday before class begins). Please note your calendar and hold those days open in the event you are offered a seat in clinic.
  • Classes meet twice weekly. Please check the schedule for days/time.
  • The more scheduling flexibility one has, the easier it is to schedule mediations. Mediations will be scheduled on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays beginning three to four weeks after classes begin. Students are advised to block one of those days in full and at least one half-day in order to conduct their mediations.

Student Applications Dates for Clinic:

Students may apply via Atlas during the application period listed below.

Spring 2023:
Applications: September 23 - October 23, 2022
Offers extended to students: November 1, 2022
Student acceptances due: November 7, 2022 by 9 a.m.

Fall 2023: Application period: January 13 - February 13, 2023 Offers extended to students: February 20, 2023 Student acceptances due: February 26, 2023


**IMPORTANT!* - Externships and Clinics – Students who have applied for an externship or clinic and been accepted may decline upon offer without consequence. However, once a student has accepted an externship or clinic, any student who drops the externship or clinic without prior approval by the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs will be subject to the 12-month ban.

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