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Washington, D.C.

Washington D.C.ASU's Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law offers a special program for law students who seek legal experience with a federal agency or nonprofit organization in Washington, D.C. The DC Externship Program helps students acquire expertise in important legal areas, develop an informed insider perspective on policy developments on Capitol Hill and in federal agencies, and foster relationships and gain experiences that are invaluable assets to new attorneys when they enter a legal practice anywhere in the world. The DC experience may also assist students in securing future legal employment in DC and elsewhere.

Students will earn credit for both the externship and for academic courses taught by ASU Law faculty in DC. Generally, students earn six to nine externship credit hours at 55 hours per credit, and take two to three courses, but the program is customizable based on work placements and students' individual interests.

Students accepted into the program will pay all standard tuition and fees required by their enrollment at ASU Law and are eligible for financial aid through the law school. If you are petitioning for Arizona residency, please note that leaving Arizona for this program may negatively impact your petition for residency. Once you have obtained residency, participating in this program will not result in a review of your residency status.

For more information, contact Lauren Burkhart, ASU Law's Director of Washington D.C. Affairs.