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Contract management: MLS online

Contracts are the primary instruments that drive commerce. For professionals in business, procurement, compliance, or human resources, understanding how to strategically integrate various contractual provisions into everyday operations is essential for organizations striving to ensure and incentivize performance, while mitigating loss and liability. The ability to navigate the nuances of contract administration is a critical skill prized by employers in virtually all private and public sector industries.

ASU Law’s Master of Legal Studies in contract management equips students with the mastery of contract law necessary to effectively and efficiently create, revise, and enforce agreements that connect businesses to one another and make commerce possible. The online contract management emphasis is designed to enhance your career opportunities with a comprehensive understanding of business and government contracts.


Completing an ASU Online MLS degree with an emphasis in contract management will help both rising and established professionals effectively read and draft contracts, define duties and obligations in contracts, successfully enter and legally exit contracts, and recognize the implications and consequences of contract breaches.

Courses and topics that are part of the curriculum include:

  • U.S. Law and Legal Analysis
  • Fundamentals of Contract Law
  • Contract Lifecycle and Management
  • Government Contracting
  • Licensing
  • Contract Review and Structure for Professionals
  • Property
  • Tort Law


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